What is Pagechief?

Pagechief is a custom startpage with all of YOUR favourite links arranged in an easy to use graphical button format. In addition to your favourite links, PageChief will display your local weather, a handy calendar, and a random Joke of the Day.

How do I use PageChief?

You can then select from hundreds of the web's most popular links & have them set up as buttons on your very own startpage.
Once you have selected your favourite links, click the save button & you will have the option to set PageChief as your Homepage.
With your customPageChief Startpage now set as your Homepage, when you launch your web browser, PageChief will display, enabling you to quickly go to your most-used web sites with one easy click!

Click Below to get PageChief Now!

Click on the red button below to sign up for your own PageChief account.
It is absolutely free !

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